Dear Africa,

I am writing you a letter. I am writing you words on the wings of a small paper plane that flies far away. I’m going to fly to meet you, I want to meet you face to face. I will fly into the distance like beads on my neck. Let me rest with you for a couple of days, you, who spread your wings over the continent. These words I dedicate to you, dear Africa. I desire to see the sky full of stars, to experience many wonderful places. I want to walk with you early in the morning to my Lord. At sunrise to touch your palm. So please accept the flight of these words, let them become a gift.




Why did you decide to undertake such a long journey to an unknown country?

About a year ago, John – a childhood friend of mine – asked me if I would join his party on a trip to Africa. I was thinking about his invitation for a while. I don’t even know why, maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was the unique opportunity to experience something unknown, and maybe I realized that I would never go alone. So I said YES.

So I decided to write to you about the journey I undertook. It started in the elevator down to the ground floor of our block of flats. It continued by taxi to the bus station. Then by bus to the plane which took me to another plane that finally took me to the continent of Africa. From there the journey continued again by taxi but, of course, in between I also walked – walking, steps in forward direction are an essential part of the journey.

If you want to know what is next to come, do not hesitate and join me. Come, join me on my journey. Sometimes it needs a bit of courage to step out. Do not worry, I know what I am talking about. Come on .. come on, even if it gets boring at times, believe me – some boring moments are also part of the way. It may be time consuming, but I am sure this adventure will be worth it. Let yourself be drawn through these lines and experience it with us online in your comfort zone.


–24.01.2020–                                                                                                                             By Palko

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